From 25 €/per person

Do you want to have a good and interesting time with friends or have a quality teamwork session with your colleagues? We suggest you try the game of curling.

Curling, also often called chess on ice, is a game for both the young and the old. Therefore, the game is perfect for people of any age or physical fitness. The goal of the game is to lay your stones in a rectangular ice-covered rink so that they are as close as possible to the drawn target (“home center”). The slip speed of the stone can be additionally adjusted by rubbing the ice against the stone, as well as knocking out the stones of the opposing team.


The whole rink Practice for newcomers
From 8 participants Groups from 4 persons
35€/ person First practice is for free

Contact us!

Lithuanian Curling Association: +37065900803,
Kaunas Curling Club: +37069807961,
Sports Club Forsarus : +370 693 00380,

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