Code of Conduct


  1. Kaunas Ledo rūmai (hereinafter referred to as the “Ledo rūmai”) is an enclosed ice-covered rink for skating, as well as other premises inside Ledo rūmai, located at Kovo 11-osios str. 26, Kaunas.
  2. Manager of Kaunas Ice Palace (hereinafter – the “Manager”) – JSC Kauno Arena, legal entity code 302505310, registration address Mindaugo ave. 50, Kaunas, data about the company are collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities.
  3. “Visitor” is a person who, in accordance with the procedures established by the Manager, has purchased a ticket, a season ticket or other document giving the right to enter Ledo rūmai or has entered it by other lawful means determined by the Manager through entrance turnstiles.
  4. Ledo rūmai Internal Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) – establishes the procedure for servicing (providing services) to the Ledo rūmai visitors, mandatory safety, hygiene and other requirements for visitors, the rights and obligations of the Manager and visitors, limits of insurance, ticketing conditions for the sale and provision of additional services.
  5. The rules are public and binding on all visitors of Ledo rūmai, regardless of age. Before concluding a contract for the services of Ledo rūmai (i.e. when purchasing a ticket or a subscription or any other document granting the right to enter Ledo rūmai), the person must read these Rules and comply with them when using the services of Ledo rūmai.
  6. The visitor is fully responsible for his/her own health condition and access to the services provided by Ledo rūmai and confirms this by signing a contract (i.e. purchasing a ticket or a subscription or other document giving the right to enter Ledo rūmai or after signing the lease agreement). The administration of Ledo rūmai, the staff and the Manager are not liable for any health problems, injuries or accidents caused by the visitor during his/her visit to Ledo rūmai.
  7. The visitor is fully responsible for his / her health condition and access to the services provided by Ledo rūmai and confirms this by signing a contract (i.e. purchasing a ticket or a subscription or other document giving the right to enter Ledo rūmai or after signing the lease). The administration of Ledo rūmai, the staff and the Manager are not liable for any health problems, injuries or accidents caused by the visitor in compliance with the Ledo rūmai Rules.
  8. People of any age have the right to use the services provided by Ledo rūmai, apart from the exceptions provided for in these Rules.
  9. Children under the age of 14 may visit Ledo rūmai only if they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their safety. An adult must be 18 years of age and take full responsibility for the safety of the children in care (maximum a group of 2 children for one adult), health condition, behavior, compliance with these Rules, storage of children’s belongings, safe locking of lockers.
  10. The following persons shall be prohibited from visiting Ledo rūmai:
    1. suffering from infectious or other contagious diseases;
    2. with other ailments that endanger or may endanger the health and safety of yourself or other visitors;
    3. intoxicated by alcohol and / or psychotropic or narcotic substances;
    4. who do not have a ticket, passport or other document entitling them to enter Ledo rūmai;
    5. whose behaviour endangers Ledo rūmai, its property, safety and hygiene or is contrary to the rules of good behaviour accepted in society;
    6. who pose a threat to security;
    7. who refuse the inspection by security staff;
    8. who have been declared unsolicited by event organizers;
    9. who have committed or are suspected of having committed violations of public order, punished for hooliganism or who have committed / are suspected of any crimes committed in Ledo rūmai or its accesses.
  11. Persons with a disability who, due to their state of health, need the care of another person, may visit Ledo rūmai only with an accompanying adult.
  12. During technical maintenance, the Ice House may be temporarily closed with prior public notice.
  13. In case of any questions or uncertainties, visitors should contact the staff of Ledo rūmai, e-mail. email: or tel. No. +37061607164.


  1. Visitors can purchase tickets, subscriptions and equipment rental (skates, security equipment, etc.) online: or at the Ledo rūmai box office.
  2. Rental prices for tickets, subscriptions and equipment (skates, security equipment, etc.) are available online on the website and at the box office of Ledo rūmai.
  3. The number of tickets and / or season tickets purchased must correspond to the actual number of persons entering the entrance turnstiles.
  4. Tickets, subscriptions and the rental of equipment (skates, security equipment, etc.) may be temporarily unavailable due to technical barriers or when all lockers are occupied, the number of visitors allowed is exceeded, when an event is held at the Ledo rūmai, when technical barriers occur, etc.
  5. A person who has purchased a ticket or subscription and decides not to use the services of the Ledo rūmai shall not be refunded or exchanged for another type of ticket.
  6. At the request of a person who has lost his or her subscription, a duplicate of the subscription may be issued for an additional fee.
  7. The administration of Ledo rūmai has the right to revoke the subscription for gross violations of these Rules.
  8. The ticket is valid only during the mass skating session specified in it. Employees authorized by the Manager have the right to check the validity of each visitor’s ticket before the visitor enters and stays at Ledo rūmai.
  9. The subscription is valid only on the term and conditions specified there and only during the sessions of mass skating, which are specified on the website Employees authorized by the Manager have the right to check the validity of each visitor’s account before the visitor enters and stays at Ledo rūmai.


  1. To ensure security, Ledo rūmai is equipped with a video surveillance system that records visitors and their actions.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol at Ledo rūmai, including the ice rinks and the stands.
  3. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited for the visitors of Ledo rūmai. Smoking is only allowed in specially designated and marked areas.
  4. Visitors are admitted to Ledo rūmai during mass skating, during the days and hours of which are indicated in the ticket information or on the website If you forget or do not present a ticket / subscription for other reasons, you will not be admitted to Ledo rūmai.
  5. Ledo rūmai is not responsible for the personal belongings of the visitors left in the premises of the Ledo rūmai and in its‘ lockers. Visitors are advised not to bring expensive and valuable items to Ledo rūmai.
  6. Items left by visitors and later found by other visitors or the staff of Ledo rūmai and handed over to the Manager shall be stored in the administration for 30 (thirty) calendar days.
  7. When a locker is locked with a key, visitors must carefully check that it is done securely.
  8. When leaving Ledo rūmai, visitors must return the key to the Ledo rūmai Administrator. If the key is lost, the visitor must compensate 5 EUR per key.
  9. Each visitor has the right to use no more than one locker. When attempting to use more than one, such actions are considered as breaking into someone else‘s locker.
  10. Visitors must leave Ledo rūmai immediately if required by the Ledo rūmai staff.
  11. Visitors who are experiencing any health problems at Ledo rūmai must contact the staff.
  12. In the event of danger or threat, visitors may be evacuated from Ledo rūmai at the request of a security officer, a police officer and / or other persons authorized to ensure safety and order.
  13. Mass skating sessions take place according to a pre-approved schedule, which may vary depending on the occupancy of training sessions taking place at Ledo rūmai. The timetable is published on the website at
  14. The duration of one mass skating session is indicated on the ticket, 15 minutes are allowed for changing. Visitors must leave the ice rink immediately after the end of the skating session as well as leave Ledo rūmai after the end of the changing time.
  15. The manager reserves the right to change the opening hours, schedule and duration of mass skating sessions at Ledo rūmai. Working hours, schedule and duration are published on the website at


  1. Upon purchase of a ticket or pass, the visitor shall have the right to use the services provided by Ledo rūmai using either his / her own equipment or (in case of skates and / or security equipment and / or skating aid rental) the equipment of Ledo rūmai during the validity of the ticket.
  2. Visitors shall rent skates and / or other equipment belonging to the Manager at the Ledo rūmai rental point.
  3. When renting skates and / or other equipment, the visitor must make sure that they are the right size and comfortable to wear.
  4. If the visitor has used skates and / or other equipment belonging to the Manager, after the end of the mass skating session or after leaving Ledo rūmai earlier, the visitor must return the skates and / or other equipment to the employee authorized by the Manager. If the visitor damages the skates and / or other equipment or does not return them, he / she must pay a fine to the Manager, respectively: 45 EUR – skates, 26 EUR – helmet, 350 EUR – skating aid equipment.
  5. While wearing skates, the visitor may walk only in those places of Ledo rūmai where a rubber coating is laid.
  6. If the visitor does not know how to use skates and / or other equipment, the visitor may request a consultation from the staff of Ledo rūmai.


  1. The visitor has the right to:
    1. Use the services provided by Ledo rūmai;
    2. Require the Manager to compensate the visitor for the damage caused by the fault of the Manager in accordance with the procedure established in these Rules and legal acts.
  2. The visitor undertakes:
    1. Enter Ledo rūmai only after showing the ticket, pass or other document giving access to Ledo rūmai. The ticket, season ticket or other document giving the right to enter must be kept by the visitor until the moment of departure from Ledo rūmai and in the case of a subscription – until the moment of leaving Ledo rūmai after the last session when the subscription is valid;
    2. Do not pass on a subscription or other document granting access to Ledo rūmai to other persons. The staff of Ledo rūmai has the right to obtain a subscription and / or a document granting access to Ledo rūmai which has been handed over or sold to other persons who do not have the right to use it.
    3. Before using the services provided by Ledo rūmai, make sure that his / her state of health allows him / her to use them. The negative consequences of non-compliance with this requirement are borne by the visitor himself;
    4. When staying in Ledo rūmai and using the services provided there, strictly observe the requirements set forth in these Rules;
    5. Comply with staff instructions regarding order and safety requirements and compliance with these Rules;
    6. Do not disturb other visitors to use Ledo rūmai during a mass skating session;
    7. To behave in Ledo rūmai in such a way that they do no harm, do not endanger themselves and those around them, and do not disturb or irritate other spectators.
    8. Follow the instructions of the staff, security staff, volunteers, police officers and / or other persons authorized to ensure safety and order in Ledo rūmai.
    9. To use the public premises in Ledo rūmai and the services provided by catering establishments in accordance with the established procedure;
    10. To use the Equipment as required by these Rules
    11. To comply with the requirements and rules adopted by the resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, decisions of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania – Head of State Operations at the State Emergency and other legal acts related to the implementation of COVID-19 coronavirus disease prevention measures.


  1. The manager has the right to:
    1. Do not admit to Ledo rūmai persons whose behavior may disturb the order, endanger the safety of other visitors, the state of hygiene of Ledo rūmai and / or contradict the norms of behavior accepted by the society;
    2. Do not admit persons to Ledo rūmai if they do not agree to abide by or do not understand these Rules;
    3. To change the list of services provided by Ledo rūmai and / or their prices at any time without prior notice;
    4. To remove visitors from Ledo rūmai who violate the Rules, do not observe the warning signs, the requirements specified in the signs, do not follow the instructions of the staff. In this case, the money is not refunded to visitors;
    5. Unilaterally amend the Rules by making them public;
    6. The Manager has the right to hold events at Ledo rūmai;
    7. Ledo rūmai may be closed due to preventive work, competitions, training and other unforeseen circumstances. Services will not be provided to customers on such days and customers will be informed in advance.
  2. Ledo rūmai management strongly recommends that all visitors wear protective headgear and other protective equipment. If visitors do not have a helmet, the management strongly recommends renting one from Ledo rūmai. Visitors who fail to comply with these recommendations shall assume full responsibility for their own health, possible injuries and death.


  1. The administration of Ledo rūmai recommends visitors who are planning to visit Ledo rūmai to assess their physical capabilities and state of health (e.g., chronic illness, injury, pregnancy, etc.).
  2. Visitors of Ledo rūmai are not recommended to bring expensive and / or valuable items (jewelry, watches, mobile phones, etc.), which may be damaged by humidity or lost.
  3. Visitors are not advised to use the services provided by Ledo rūmai wearing any jewelry that could damage the visitors themselves and / or Ledo rūmai inventory.


  1. At Ledo Rūmai, it is prohibited:
    1. to walk wearing skates in places of Ledo rūmai where there is no rubber coating laid on the ground;
    2. to throw various objects into the stands, ice rinks and otherwise interfere with the normal operation of Ledo rūmai;
    3. to burn fire, fire fireworks, rockets, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnics;
    4. any posters, clothing, etc. of a commercial / promotional content or of a harmful, aggressive, agitating, political, racist or religious nature;
    5. behave in a way that may be perceived by those around you as provocative, threatening, discriminatory or offensive;
    6. pose any threat to your own health and the health or safety of those around you;
    7. harm others in any way;
    8. climb on unsuitable structures or equipment (facades, partitions, walls, fences, barriers, lighting poles, camera platforms, roofs, etc.);
    9. climb on ice without special equipment;
    10. enter official premises or areas closed to visitors;
    11. obstruct or restrict the area of ​​the premises intended for the entrance and exit of visitors to Ledo rūmai, staff, participants of events, as well as the evacuation of spectators, stand and / or sit on the stairs in the stands, obstruct and restrict the places for vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
    12. draw, write, paint or fasten any elements and devices;
    13. to climb and stand on chairs and / or their frames;
    14. litter;
    15. pour drinks on ice;
    16. to visit Ledo rūmai with animals, except guide dogs (in agreement with the Manager or his staff);
    17. make loud noises, shout, whistle, falsely call for help, run, push;
    18. spit on the floor and on the ice, perform natural needs outside the toilets;
    19. leave children under 14 unattended;
    20. otherwise damage the property of Ledo rūmai, the health and property of its authorized persons or other visitors;
    21. to wear outdoor footwear, except for the space before the changing room;
    22. film and photograph other clients without their consent, publish images without their permission;
    23. to have, consume and be intoxicated with alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances, smoke in Ledo rūmai;
    24. to provide any commercial services or engage in other commercial activities within Ledo rūmai or at their accesses without the written consent of the Manager;
    25. to carry with you and offer to buy food, beverages, souvenirs, clothing, promotional products and other commercial goods inside or at the entrances to Ledo rūmai without the written consent of the Manager. All these goods can be confiscated.
  2. It is prohibited to bring into Ledo rūmai:
    1. alcoholic beverages, any narcotic or psychotropic substances, other stimulants (except for special medical preparations (insulin, etc.));
    2. weapons and / or potentially dangerous objects of any kind, including but not limiting to objects that can be cut or pierced, objects that can be used for launching, firing, throwing, etc.;
    3. fireworks, flares, smoke powder, gas bombs and / or other pyrotechnics;
    4. attributes and / or material of propaganda of racist, xenophobic, extreme right-wing, nationalist and socialist ideas, sex discrimination;
    5. bottles, cups, cans of any kind, as well as other objects made of plastic (PET), glass or any other fragile material, or Tetra Pak packaging of any metal;
    6. any food and drink;
    7. gas sprays, irritants, flammable substances, dyes, containers with substances harmful to health or flammable;
    8. drones and other remotely operated devices;
    9. devices with laser, electric flashlights, self-propelled light emitting devices;
    10. radios, speakers;
    11. any other item that endangers the safety of visitors and Ledo rūmai staff or may cause inconvenience to visitors;
    12. all other items that could endanger the security of other visitors or Ledo rūmai staff found by police officers, security staff and / or other persons authorized to ensure security;
    13. the list of items prohibited to be brought into Ledo rūmai may be supplemented at the discretion of the Manager.


  1. A visitor who has caused damage to Ledo rūmai, the property therein, the property and / or health of the visitors shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Damage caused by minors and persons with disabilities is the responsibility of their parents or guardians.
  2. If the administration or staff of Ledo rūmai suspects that a visitor has committed a criminal offense, the police will be called immediately.
  3. Parents, guardians or other accompanying persons of minors (under 14 years of age) are responsible for acquainting minors and persons with disabilities who have come together with the Rules and for complying with these Rules.
  4. Intended compensation for material damage for lost or damaged inventory shall be determined on the basis of the prices and / or market price approved at that time.
  5. A visitor who has suffered property and / or non-property damage at Ledo rūmai shall immediately notify the administration or employee of Ledo rūmai thereof, indicating the place, time, circumstances and persons who saw the event. If the visitor does not comply with this condition, subsequent complaints and claims regarding damage to health and / or property will not be considered.
  6. The Manager shall not examine the visitor’s claims and shall not be liable for the property and / or non-property damage suffered by the visitor at Ledo rūmai if the visitor has not complied with the requirements and / or recommendations established in these Rules.
  7. The Manager is not responsible for the personal belongings of the Visitors or for the fact that they have been lost and / or partially damaged, including the visitors’ skates or security equipment, which have been damaged while using the services of Ledo rūmai.
  8. Ledo rūmai are not liable for the consequences or damage caused to the health and property of visitors to third parties, shall not accept or investigate claims if those consequences are due to the negligence of the visitors themselves, non-compliance with these Rules, warning signs and legal instructions.


(Release of 28 February 2022)

Last updated - 2023-04-26
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